How to Make the Best out of Every Tweet


Twitter is a huge platform where serious-minded individuals and companies can derive several benefits for their advancement. Even though there may be several tweets, and most of them may hardly be noticed, this does not cast a dent on the immense merits of Twitter.

The reason why Twitter stands out from the other social media platforms is the variety and flexibility that it brings on board. Facebook keeps you in touch with almost the same friends over and over again, segregating your updates in accordance with how close you are to your friends. Google plus targets on contents they believe will be of interest to you, whereas LinkedIn is entirely career-oriented and highly professional.

Twitter offers all these features in a grand style. You will just be marvelled how close you can be to your celebrities on Twitter. Proper use of Twitter can also have a positive toll on your SEO campaign.

In order to make the most out of every tweet, it is essential to limit your automation to an acceptable level. You can occasionally automatically share your Facebook or Instagram updates, but avoid making it a normal routine.

This can be achieved by ensuring that all the RSS automatic tweeting sources are removed, such that you can only retweet only if you want to. If not properly managed, auto-tweeting will not make most of your followers to notice your tweets. It also has the ability to eliminate both hash tagging and smart tagging, which are very delicate in ensuring the popularity of your tweets.

Furthermore, make it a point to find an appropriate hash tag to associate yourself with. A proper hash tag serves as a medium and standard that beckons people to share and read their favourite materials. As a rule of thumb, make sure you locate the hash tag that is mostly used by people who can influence your cause. It might be hectic during the initial stages, but you will soon be able to realise the hash tag associated with people who can have a tremendous effect on your line of action.

To give a major boost to your content sharing strategy, avoid the tweeting of headlines. Previously, this method was very effective as far as content sharing was concerned, but the reality is that it is currently outmoded and primitive.

This is because most people will skip tweets with headlines, mostly due to the formal tone of such headlines. What you can do is to spice up your tweets by way of quotes, teasers and anecdotes. In this way, you will keep the suspense of your users at an exhilarating rate without giving too much away during the initial stage.

To add value to your tweets, cultivate the habit of incorporating pictures in your tweets. In as much as excessive use of pictures can be irritating at times, proper use of them is highly productive. Research indicates that tweets that have images get 18 percent more tweets as well as an encouraging 150 percent more retweets. Therefore, visualise your tweets with images to get the popularity you desire.

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