About Us


After all, the “business comes first” mentality that ruled the world until the first decade of the 2000s we have finally come to understand the importance of being able to relax and all its positive impacts on our lifestyle and productivity. 

This was when the mentality called “Wellness” was born. And with that, we could witness the rise of the spas, treatments, and yoga courses. A spa is an exclusive hotel where it is about your wellbeing. Spa resorts offer us the chance to relax and to get a little pampering. And most importantly, they provide us the luxury of peace and retreat. 

Our website was created to offer extensive information about all things Wellness-related. We want to become the primary website to visit both for those who would like to learn more about Wellness and for those looking for new places to visit and new treatments to try. 

 Our website would like to offer you information about the following:

  • The best spas to visit, enlisting all the services, providing photographs and valuable, trustworthy reviews about each place.
  • All the different types of spas
  • Yoga and sports courses
  • The list of day-spas and their location
  • A handy guide for all readers about the scope of Wellness, the critical services of resorts and health spas 
  • More targeted ways of search in case you have specific issues, which you would like to be healed
  • Spa blog: read the fun stories and learn through the experiences of others
  • Introducing you to the best countries to get away to along with the best spa and wellness centers in the area. 
  • Introducing you to specific spa treatments, the key issues they target, and their health benefits. 
  • The benefits of organic products such as sea salt and the best types of treatments in connection with each natural product 
  • Cosmetic procedures and the best spas to perform these. 
  • Booking options, coupons and special offers for our readers and subscribers

And if you haven’t tried the wonders of a Spa retreat for a few days, you will be amazed to learn how much better it will make you feel.