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Why Health & Wellness Important For IAS Aspirants?

Health- The First Step To Success For Any IAS Aspirant

Time and again, we get to hear phrases like ” Health is wealth,” or “Knowledge is power”. This is a constant reminder that life gets easy when we are healthy. This is a standard criterion for everyone, and when the focus is on this,life, in general, gets better.

Along with technology and digitalization improvements, the world is threatened with several diseases, some even life-threatening. Therefore we need to be cautious and focus on preventing these because when health is depleting, we cannot concentrate on anything else.

Importance of healthy lifestyle for students

Considering childhood and teenage years to be the best growing years of life in terms of mental and physical aspects. Hence, the best way to ensure that you get a steady growth is to ensure that you follow a healthy lifestyle. It is not as easy as it sounds because today we live amidst some quick and easy life hacks, especially when it comes to food. Everyone expects ready-made food and likes to eat on the go. This can be coined with the fancy word “Junk Food.” This poses a threat to a healthy life of this generation, and they face numerous problems.

Students need to be healthy as you are in the most promising period of their life, and you need to prepare for a healthy future. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is difficult amidst the current fancy foods. But, with proper orientation, it is possible to adopt a balanced diet.

Why is it important for IAS aspirants to focus on health?

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We are all aware that IAS is one of the most prestigious degrees of education in our country. Preparation for this exam requires hard work, determination, and commitment. Above all, you should concentrate on eating healthy, sleep well, and destress. According to the guidelines given by top IAS coaching institutes, it was proved that students who balanced mental and physical requirements always topped these exams. A recent survey from institutes focusing on IAS coaching in Chennai stressed on these following pointers for better performance:

  1. Diet: Choose healthily and eat nutritious food. Include the right amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to keep your mind active to study better. Water also forms an integral part of a proper diet. Always stay hydrated to feel the energy. Since long hours are spent studying, snacking can be a trick to make you eat junk. But, keep some seasonal fruits and dry fruits handy near your study area so that you have something for short hunger pangs.
  2. Exercises: Studying for long hours without even involving yourself in any other activity can only make you depressed. It is good to take a few breaks and involve yourself in some physical activities. Try to go for short walks every day; a maximum of 45 minutes is okay. Play your favorite sport a few times a week. Games and exercises boost your energy and keep you more alert for learning.
  3. Sleep: This is one of the common things which most people don’t focus on.Working for long hours deprived of sleep can never reap success. Hence, never study for long hours through the night. This will also make you get addicted to unhealthy eating habits at night. So focus on a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every day. Make a study plan and mention sleep also on it so that you are constantly reminded of its importance.
  4. Stress: This is something which is caused by internal factors like fear of exams, fear of completing the vast syllabus, and external factors like peer pressure. All this will not help you feel better. So the only possible way is to relax and make a proper plan to achieve it. One relaxation tip is to opt for yoga and meditation, which brings in clarity towards your goal and makes it an easy process for you.

Importance Of Healthy Body & Mind For Students Concept.

If Not Now, Then When?

It is a known fact that leading a healthy lifestyle is very challenging. This is because we know that it is crucial to be healthy. We know the ways to be healthy. But often we are lazy, or lack the trigger to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some essential tips for a healthy body and mind:

  1. Sustainable weight management: Concentrate on obesity right from when you notice it. Follow balanced diet schedules and avoid junk food and beverages.
  2. Improve mood: Keep yourself calm and relaxed always. Exercise and diet are essential to make your mood better.
  3. Prevent Diseases: Again, a proper diet and exercise will help you to be at the best of health always.
  4. Longevity life: The most significant gift of a healthy lifestyle is long life.

Check Out – to improve your mental health. It is not too late if you have understood the importance of health and how it can have a significant impact on your IAS exam preparations and success. Go for it and reap success!

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