Many Sins of Sugar

Many Sins of Sugar Grancarlos

Why is sugar perilous?

If people really care to know how deleterious and debilitating sugar can be, they will not touch that poison with a ten foot pole. Sugars don’t unprejudiced cause disease; they also compose an environment that breeds disease.
Here are some of them:
o One teaspoon of sugar shuts down your immune system for two hours. A lot of naturopathic physicians hold that the only right cause of disease is weakened immune system. When your defences are down, diseases lift over. I have tried this before. After eating healthy for a while, one small bubble gum in my mouth triggered flu-like symptoms in a sizable day light. This happened in and instant. This was not during flu season. Don’t even mediate of flu vaccine; it is a destroy of time, energy and money.
o Every bug in and around the body feed on sugar. These bugs are there to stay– absorb it or not. These bugs are there to prosper and beget their occupy lifestyle. Don’t benefit them by giving them their current source of energy. Bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses all feed on sugar. When these organisms multiply, they get more health problems including all forms of degenerative diseases, allergies, halitosis, and cancer.
o Cancer–the dreaded diseases–loves sugar. It makes the cancer cells to spread and go wild by ignoring all control mechanisms in the body.
o Sugars manufacture acid that poison the body. The end-product of glycolysis or breakdown of sugar is lactic acid. With few exceptions, acid in the body must be buffered and neutralized because it is poisonous and spoiled to the cell. Acid anywhere has the same characteristics: they burn and corrode tissues. This sets you up for cascade of diseases.
o Sugars race the aging process. If you want to live long and gawk expedient days, avoid hasty sugars. Sugars cause premature gray hair, age spots (together with selenium) wrinkles, baldness, and lack of energy. They do this by releasing free radicals and poisons that wound the cells.
o Sugars cause leaky ‘leaky gut syndrome’ that is responsible for a host of other maladies. witness my previous article on ‘Digestive Health Issues.’
o Sugars are blamed for epidemic of obesity and its attendant complications. When the body takes in enough food, the excess calories are stored as chubby especially if you don’t burn them.
The list can go on forever but the point is that sugar sets up a chain reaction for all kinds of problems–known and unknown.
It must be pointed out, though that sugar is the essential fuel in the body and that there’s no plot you can eliminate all the sugars. What you should know is that sugar must be extracted in a natural and slack fashion from complex carbohydrate and not refined sugar. Contrary to well-liked fill, simple sugars has the same attain as refined sugars even when they are natural. These include fructose (fruit sugar), lactose (milk sugar), maltose (malt sugar), and sucrose (cane sugar) . This list includes artificial sugars like maltidextrin. enjoy in mind that artificial sweeteners like aspartame beget their have problems too. If you want to sweeten your juice or tea, expend stevia which is 30 times sweeter than sugar without calories or sugar maladies.

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