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The Only Checklist You Need For Choosing A Venue For A Business Event

Party And Banquet Halls Are Just The Tip Of Venues

Even before the audience steps inside a venue, the mood and the tone of the event is set. How? The reputation of the banquet hall and the geographical location of the party venue will convey a meaning to the guest. How they experience the actual event is based on this impression. Add to it the practical decisions that need to be factored in a while choosing a venue for a business event. From seating capacity to the food to the service of the employees, everything has to be taken into account. Know More here about choosing the right venue to hold an event.

All in all, the decision of picking a venue is not simple. To that end, here is a simple checklist of questions that you should answer to find your perfect location for your business event.

• What’s the target audience like?
Even before you make the first draft of party and banquet halls, calculate the number of people who are to be invited and what they are. This will ensure that the venues you shortlist can accommodate all of them and is the ideal fit for them. There is no use selecting a place that can fit only a hundred guests when the invitee list is 200 long. The vice versa is also true. No event is a success when it seems too empty.

A woman smiling and wonderingThink Of The Location Next

Now that you’ve got a fair idea of the number of people attending the venue and what their tastes and preferences are, the next step is to think of the location. Consider these questions:

  • Where are the majority of your audience located?
  • What site is going to suit them the best? Here, bear in mind that proximity may not be the best solution. Sometimes people love to attend an event that is far away from their home or office because the experience is unusual.

If the budget allows it, think of remote sites such as a resort. It guarantees the complete attention of every attendee. If the budget is not that big, why not pick a lavish banquet hall in the city but rarely thought of?

  • How convenient is it for the guests to reach it? A venue that is connected to the airport or the main road of the town is always a better pick than one that is inaccessible. It is a matter of transportation more than the factor of proximity.

The size of the venue, the location of the site, and the connectivity of the venue are the three crucial parts of the checklist. Next on the agenda is the amenities it provides for the physical comfort of the guests.

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How Well Equipped Is The Venue For That Particular Event?

While the necessary facilities will be needed for any event, there are some functions that require more amenities. For example, a corporate meeting will demand a conference room with a projector technology. On the other hand, an engagement party will need a DJ station and music system. Therefore, ask these questions while considering a venue:

  • As per the season, does it provide heating and cooling?
  • Will there be easy access for pedestrians, is there parking, are there lifts to rooms?
  • Can they cater for the number of guests?
  • What other amenities do they have?

The easiest way to get the answer to all these critical questions is to experience the venue. Go to the location and:

  • Ask for photos of a similar event they have hosted in the past. This will give you an idea of the décor, layout, and experience.
  • Ask for the names and details of previous clients for a reference check.
  • Speak to the staff and judge how friendly they were. Find out the number of servers there will be for the event. You don’t want just 5 staff people in an event for 100.

Finally, check what parts of the event venue will take care of are, for example, the food, the décor, the setup, the clean-up, etc. A place that does it all will always be the better option.

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