Review of diets based on blood type

Eat right for your type

This is a book which claims that people who have different blood types should eat different kinds of food. It also says that those with blood-group o should eat a lot of meat and people with type a blood should eat less. Although over the last decade diets based on blood group types have been given a hype there has been no scientific literature to prove this. A scientific seminar was held by the Norwegian Society for nutrition for a whole day and after that it was published in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. Nearly 40,000 copies of this book were sold in Norway and they set out to find out if blood type diet were a science or a nonsense.

No scientific arguments

It was found that the blood type diet, which the book promoted was supposed to be backed by scientific arguments and the author does not actually prove his points. In fact he just State some facts and takes advantage of the lack of knowledge of his readers in biology. He uses big words and his arguments also sound scientific but there is no basis of science and it seems very absurd full and it is indeed surprising that researchers had the patience to read this book.

But the order did respond to reviews on his website. He said that the blood type diet is backed by good science just the way Einstein’s mathematical calculations are. But if the diets were to be tested in the same way like Einstein’s formula he would face vindication and would complain that there are no studies in this area because of little interest and money.

Overall Assessment

The one thing that can be said about the book is that the author has a very good imagination.

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