Exercises for Legs and Knees

Closed Chain and Open Chain

Did you know that exercises are divided into closed chain and open chain? The links of body parts for example hips, knees, ankles, feet are considered as chains. When the end of the chain, which is far away from the body, is fixed it is called a closed chain, for example when you squat your feet are fixed while the rest of the leg chain moves. When the ends are free it is called and open chain, for example, a seated leg extension.

Some exercises for an all round leg workout

Standing weight shift
You should stand with your feet apart (approx shoulder width), distributor wait equally and slightly flex your knees. Keep shifting your body weight so that all of it is on your right leg hold it there for five seconds and then shift the way to the other leg and hold for another five seconds. Keep shifting back and forth and continue doing this for one or two minutes.

Quad dips
You should stand with your feet apart (approx shoulder width). Use a frame or counter to top for balance at first. Flex your knees to about 20 to 30° and hold for 10 seconds and then straighten up to stand straight. Ensure to keep your knees straight as you flex and move into bent knee positions.

One-Legged Quad dips
You need to repeat the above quad dip exercise by lifting your strong leg off the floor and do the exercise with all your weight on your weaker leg. There maybe balance issues initially but as you progress this will improve

Benefits of closed chain exercises

Both closed and open chain exercises offer different benefits. While close chain exercises focus on compression and stabilisation of the joints, Open chain exercises involve more force which is parallel to the joints. More muscles and joints are involved in closed chain when compared to open chain. This ensures better coordination and improves stability.

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