Importance Of Current Affairs And Quiz

Current affairs quiz

It is essential to know the current affairs in order to stay updated in various fields. Most of the competitive exams and other tests have current affairs as a very important part in the question paper. In order to know a person’s proficiency in current affairs, it is very good idea to take up a current affairs quiz. There are numerous websites online that conduct online current affair quiz in order to help the people. There are numerous categories in current affairs, and some of them include sports, politics, finance, science and research, national and international news and so on. So it is not a child’s play. It is always essential to know the latest and hot news as they will be asking questions based on it very often. Whenever a person is reading current affairs, it will not be enough to read the headlines alone. One has to go deep into it and try to know even very minute details related to the news.

Current Affairs And Quiz

Usually, some headlines will be stated as electrifying and scintillating but this will vary according to the varying interests of the person. If a person is interested in the sports then all the news related to it will be very attractive to him and the details related to the politics will be loved by the followers of various parties and others interested in this work. Usually, media and newspaper will be very handy to know about the recent happenings in the place. Especially the live relays of a happening will be preferred by numerous people, and the television news channels will be a very good choice for those people. The latest development in the world has made sure the internet also plays a very important role in updating a person about the various fields as soon as possible.

Usually, the details about the news will be added only as the time passes on. Usually at the month end most of the website that gives details about the current affairs will be giving a consolidation of the vital happenings in the particular month and his will make it easy for the person to know in detail about a happening. The technology has made sure even the incident that happens at one corner of the world is known by another person in other part of the world in minutes. Usually, the current affair quizzes will be having the questions along with answers so it will be a very good learning experience for the person who is taking up the test. The marks will also be published as soon as the quiz is completed and submitted. Usually, this type of quiz will be based on the multiple choice format. There are many websites that will try to create some polls in the website regarding a news and the people’s opinion about a headline will be published.

How to study Current Affairs

Some of the websites will allow the reader to comment about a particular article that is published in the website, and this is another way to know the people’s opinion. Most of the human beings will be very curious to know about the various happenings around them and a very good idea to satisfy such people is to give them information about the best current affairs publishing websites or books. Some people seek information about the latest rules and regulations that are laid by the government that can be known by reading the newspaper. The knowledge of the person will improve in leaps and bounds when he stays updated and it will very handy for him at various situations. More curious a person is the more he will collect information about a happening.

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Get To Know The Temples In Tirunelveli


Tirunelveli is a very good place to make spiritual visits. There are numerous temples in the place dedicated to various gods. Temple is a place where people who have very strong belief on the gods visit. When people visit this place, their spiritual awareness improves, and they make sure all their prayers are shared with the god. The sculptures and statues in each temple will be very different and unique. Temples also act as a very good tourist spot for many people as it has many interesting features in it. In fact, all the temples will have a back story and specialty that will impress most of the people who visit the spot. Even there will be some changes in making the offering to the god in some places, and it will make the temples even more different. Here are some interesting facts about various temples that are present in and around Tirunelveli.

Nellaiapper Temple

Nellaiapper Temple: First temple that is going to be discussed is the Nellaiapper temple that is situated at the center of the city. This is considered to be a very good tourist spot by many people as it is easy to access this spot. In fact, this is said to be a twin temple where Lord Shiva and Parvathi reside. There are numerous attractive features in this temple, and some of them include musical pillars, golden lily tank, thousand pillar hall and so on. The car festival of this temple is very popular, and mostly it will be a district holiday on the particular day.

UvariUvari: It is a temple that is visited by many people mainly then ones who go to the Tiruchendur or Kanyakumari as it lies on the route. This temple is situated on the shore of the famous Bay of Bengal. To be exact, it is 72 km from Tirunelveli, 40 km from Kanyakumari and 43 km away from Tiruchendur. Anthony Uvari and Nadar Uvari are the names of the twin cities that are near the temple. Suyambulingaswamy, a form of Lord Shiva, is the main deity in this temple. This place will be crowded very much on the weekends and holidays.

Krishnapuram Vishnu TempleKrishnapuram Vishnu Temple: This Vishnu temple is loved by many people as the God in this temple is said to very powerful. He is named as Thiruvenkatanathar. The minute workmanship in the sculptures is very much adored by the tourists. The person who loves the temple arts should pay a visit to this spot as it is such a treasure. This temple origin dates back to the 18th century. It is believed that this place was built in the Krishnappa Nayak’s regime. The Argamanadapam and Thirumanamandapam are worth a visit. The sculptures were created in Monolithi, and they look alive.

Thirukutrala Nathar Temple

Thirukutralanathar Temple: Next comes the Thirukutralanathar temple that is very famous and is situated near the popular Courtallam falls. This temple has numerous Pandya and Chola inscriptions in it. Chitra Sabha is a spot that is only a half kilometer away from the temple, and it has numerous paintings that are dedicated to the Lord Nataraja. There are many representations of rural gods and their devotees in the paintings. And this Saba is considered to be one among the famous five Saba that are known to be the spot where Lord Nataraja performed the cosmic dance.

Kurukkuthurai TempleKurukkuthurai Temple: Kurukkuthurai is the temple that is situated at the bank of the Tamiraparani River. This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. Thiruvuruvamalai is the name of the rock in which this temple is carved out. It is also believed that the same rock was used in order to carve the statue of Lord Murugan belonging to Tiruchendur temple in the year of 1653.
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How to Make the Best out of Every Tweet


Twitter is a huge platform where serious-minded individuals and companies can derive several benefits for their advancement. Even though there may be several tweets, and most of them may hardly be noticed, this does not cast a dent on the immense merits of Twitter.

The reason why Twitter stands out from the other social media platforms is the variety and flexibility that it brings on board. Facebook keeps you in touch with almost the same friends over and over again, segregating your updates in accordance with how close you are to your friends. Google plus targets on contents they believe will be of interest to you, whereas LinkedIn is entirely career-oriented and highly professional.

Twitter offers all these features in a grand style. You will just be marvelled how close you can be to your celebrities on Twitter. Proper use of Twitter can also have a positive toll on your SEO campaign.

In order to make the most out of every tweet, it is essential to limit your automation to an acceptable level. You can occasionally automatically share your Facebook or Instagram updates, but avoid making it a normal routine.

This can be achieved by ensuring that all the RSS automatic tweeting sources are removed, such that you can only retweet only if you want to. If not properly managed, auto-tweeting will not make most of your followers to notice your tweets. It also has the ability to eliminate both hash tagging and smart tagging, which are very delicate in ensuring the popularity of your tweets.

Furthermore, make it a point to find an appropriate hash tag to associate yourself with. A proper hash tag serves as a medium and standard that beckons people to share and read their favourite materials. As a rule of thumb, make sure you locate the hash tag that is mostly used by people who can influence your cause. It might be hectic during the initial stages, but you will soon be able to realise the hash tag associated with people who can have a tremendous effect on your line of action.

To give a major boost to your content sharing strategy, avoid the tweeting of headlines. Previously, this method was very effective as far as content sharing was concerned, but the reality is that it is currently outmoded and primitive.

This is because most people will skip tweets with headlines, mostly due to the formal tone of such headlines. What you can do is to spice up your tweets by way of quotes, teasers and anecdotes. In this way, you will keep the suspense of your users at an exhilarating rate without giving too much away during the initial stage.

To add value to your tweets, cultivate the habit of incorporating pictures in your tweets. In as much as excessive use of pictures can be irritating at times, proper use of them is highly productive. Research indicates that tweets that have images get 18 percent more tweets as well as an encouraging 150 percent more retweets. Therefore, visualise your tweets with images to get the popularity you desire.

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Tirunelveli – The History


Tirunelveli is one of the districts in South India with a rich history. Its history is closely associated with its culture and religions. It was first ruled by the Pandyas and finally by the British. It has seen many raging and fierce wars between empires and kingdoms for its control.

The history of the land has been probed into and studied since the 19th century. The first person who wrote extensively about it was the Christian missionary, Robert Caldwell (1814-1891). Historical evidence proves that the city existed many centuries before Christ, under the control of the Pandya dynasty. During this period, it was the secondary capital after the dynasty’s first, Madurai. Inscriptions by Ashoka, dating back to 304-232 BCE and the writings of Megasthenes, dating back to 350-290 CE prove this.

After the first Pandya Kings, the Cholas ruled the city under Rajendra Chola I for centuries, from 1064 CE to the 13th century. A second Pandya dynasty ruled the city after the Cholas in the 13th century. Their rule lasted for 3 centuries, coming to an end in the 16th century. During this period, many dams and reservoirs were constructed on the city’s rivers which were funded by the Pandya royals. The famous Nellaiapar Temple was the royal shrine.

After the Pandyas, Vijayangara rulers (Telugas and Kannadigas) took over the eastern portion of the land which is covered by rich black soil, and the Marava chieftains occupied the western foothills. The city was reconstructed in 1560 under the rule of Viswanatha Nayak (1529–1564). The Nayak rule ended in 1736 after the city was captured by Chanda Sahib, Arcot Nawab and Muhammed Yusuf Khan from 1725 to 1764. Tirunelveli was the major trading and marketing centre during the Nayak and Nawab rule. It was given the name Nellai Cheemai, where Cheemai meant, “a developed foreign town”. Although the Nawabs of Arcot ruled at the time, power was actually in the hands of the Polygars, military chiefs of the Nayaks. The military rulers constructed forts and fought against themselves.
To restore peace, the British, with Major Bannerman as commander, and with help from some of the locals, fought and defeated the Polygars who were headed by Kattabomman. This was the first war of the Polygars. A second war was fought 2 years later due to a rebellion that arose. The British won and ruled over the Carnatic Region. They signed a treaty with the Nawab of the region.

The British renamed the city in English as “Tinnevelly” and made it the district head. Palayamkottai, renamed “Palankottah” was made the administrative and military head. The original names of the cities were re-used after independence. In 1986, the city was split into two districts, Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi. Tirunelveli is now one of South India’s favourite tourist sites with a rich cultural heritage and a strong religious background.

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Movie Review Cinderella


Cinderella (2015) is a jump to life of the old fairy tale by Charles Perrault. The romantic fantasy story is retold this time in a different way. It is not a remake of the 1950 Walt Disney musical film of the same title. It was directed by Kenneth Branagh and produced by Disney Pictures. The movie was a commercial success when released in March this year, making more than $ 538 million worldwide, 5 times higher than its budget sum of $ 95 million. It has a total runtime of 105 minutes, quite short and simple. It featured stars like; Lily James, who played young lady (Ella) “Cinderella”; Cate Blanchett, who played the wicked step mother (Lady Tremaine); Richard Madden, who played the charming prince and Helena Bonham Carter, the fairy Godmother. Other stars featured include Stellan Skarsgård, Holliday Grainger and Derek Jacobi.

The story is about a beautiful young lady (Ella) who loses both parents at an early age and is maltreated by her stepmother. She had a perfect life until her mother passed away after an illness. She was taught by her to be kind to all, even to animals and to be courageous. Her father remarried a widow who had two daughters, Drisella and Anastasia.

Her father travelled abroad on business one day and the woman revealed her true character. She was cruel towards the young girl and made her sleep in the arctic. Ella’s father died abroad and this made her situation worse. They mocked and treated her cruelly all the time. Their bad treatment forced her to leave the house one day for the woods, where she met one of a group of young men hunting a stag. The young man who happened to be the prince of the kingdom was mesmerised by Ella’s kindness, demeanour and views about life. The two parted without knowing their identities.

When it was time for the prince to marry, he decided to organise a ball at which he will choose from among the ladies who will attend, a wife. All the maidens in the kingdom were invited. Ella, totally transformed by the powers of her godmother also attended. She wins the first dance with the prince and the two get attracted to each other. They moved into the garden of the palace to talk. 12 struck and Ella had to hurriedly run from the place, leaving one of her shoes behind. The prince kept it.

After the death of the king, the prince decided to choose for himself a queen. He searched for the charming lady whose shoe he still possessed till he found Ella. The two married and lived happily ever after. Ella forgave her family for their cruelty towards her.

Costumes used for the movie had to be carefully made to reflect the plot. Characters were adorned to set the movie in the 1940s and 50s. A good digital editing was done to produce the desired effects of each scene. The movie has excellent special effects and good visual quality. It is accompanied by good music based on romance which perfectly reflects each moment and scene.

Many critics admired the movie after watching it, asserting it is a genuine upgrade of the old fairy tale. The director deserves commendation for a good work. Reviewers have praised the movie for its deeper psychological depth and the fact that there are no open ends in the plot, leaving no questions unanswered. This is quite unlike most fairy tale movies. The movie has good themes and symbolisms. “Cinderella” is a masterpiece.

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