A Pink Cancer Ribbon Depicting Early Detection Saves Lives

Early Screening and Diagnosis of Cancer – Saves Life

The Significance Of Diagnosing Cancer Earlier

WHO says that 8.8 million succumb to death because of Cancer in a year. Out of this figure, countries that have low or middle-income have the highest death rate. The primary reason for these fatalities is the late diagnosis of Cancer. Late detection is not just an issue for some countries; even those places that have the best of healthcare systems struggle to diagnose the disease at the first stage. Learn More on the time from when we can forgo cancer screening.

The later the ailment is detected, the harder it is to remove it. The lack of success of treatment condemns the patient to an early demise and a lot of suffering. It is why diagnosing it at the beginning of the condition is imperative. If the proper steps are taken, early detection of Cancer and therefore, quick treatment is very much possible. This is especially critical for cancers such as colorectal, breast, and cervical.

When Cancer is caught early on, it not only increases the chance of survival but also makes it less painful the person. Moreover, the cost associated with treatment reduces significantly. There are three steps that can be taken to pinpoint Cancer early on:

  • Make the public more aware. When they know the symptoms of Cancer, they are more likely to seek healthcare advice.
  • Strengthen health services. When technicians, doctors, and other healthcare providers are trained well, they can correctly diagnose it and at an appropriate point.
  • Individuals who live with Cancer must be provided with adequate treatment that includes pain relief. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be a financial or personal hardship.

A man vector lying on the PET scan machine for undergoing the scan process.

Modes Of Cancer Screening

At Anderson Diagnostics, the experts know that screening for Cancer early on can increase the chance of cure. To that end, they help raise awareness of the different types of cancer screening. Some of them are explained below. It should be noted that testing early is recommended only for a few types of Cancer. In others, it is advised to only those who are at high risk.

  • A Physical exam is the most common screening for Cancer, where the doctor feels for lumps in the body. They may also check for abnormalities such as:
  1. Odd skin colour
  2. Enlargement of an organ

These changes may indicate the presence of a tumour.

  • A urine or blood lab test is another mode for detecting Cancer. In this case, the abnormality caused by Cancer can be a high amount of WBC’s in the blood like in Leukaemia.
  • Imaging tests like PET CT Scan is a non-invasive method to finding Cancer in internal organs and bones.
  • A biopsy is the last tool for screening cancer and the most definitive one. In this, a few sample cells are collected and then tested in a lab. The type of biopsy done depends on the kind of Cancer and its location.

An Image showing the different treatments for cancer patients.

The Different Treatments Of Cancer

  • Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to eradicate cancer cells.
  • Surgery is the removal of the entire tumour or as many cancer cells as possible.
  • Bone marrow is found at the core of our bones, and it is material that creates are blood cells. A transplant can be done through a donor or using the patient’s own cells. It is done to either remove a diseased marrow or to allow the person to get a higher dose of chemotherapy.
  • Radiation therapy utilised X-Rays, i.e., high-powered energy beams to destroy cancer cells. If the radiation machine is placed inside the body, it is called brachytherapy. If it is placed outside the body, it is known as external beam radiation.
  • Hormone therapy is given as a treatment when the body’s hormone lead to Cancer like in breast cancer. It requires either blocking the impact of the hormone or altogether removing them from the body.
  • Biological therapy or immunotherapy is one more treatment for Cancer. In this, the immune system of the person is aided to recognise Cancer as an outsider and thus attack it.
An image showing hands, legs and spa products like candle, lavender flowers and towels

Wellness Industry In India Above Par With Its Trends

The Beauty And Wellness Industries Are Interrelated

Wellness has always been a hot topic in India, and lately, people realise that beauty and fitness are interconnected. When you think of the aesthetics of the body, it is not just skin deep. It goes all the way to the core. Which is why the Indian beauty industry is booming. Read More about the smash in the wellness industry. The citizens of the nation recognize that wellness is more than just a fit body and a happy soul. It includes:

• Skin care
• Haircare
• Cosmetics
• Body fragrances
• And much more

Due to the massive demand in the segment, it had grown from a value of 250 crore in 2008 to 460 crores in 2016. Presently, the market value of the industry is around 80,000 crores as per a report by KPMG. The expansion rate is holding steady are 15 to 20 percent, which is two times more than the American and European market.

In a gist, the Indian beauty sector shows more promise than that of Europe or the U.S. The increase in the demand for beauty products has brought a significant development in the Spa industry too. There was a time when a salon and spa were considered as synonyms in India. Today, spas and therapy places are recognised as part of the wellness industry. Additionally, consumer behaviour has changed. People discern that spas are not just for women and applicable to people of all ages!

A woman holding various beauty and wellness products like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, etc.What Are The Latest Wellness Trends For 2019?

Knowing that the wellness and beauty industry is intermingling is one aspect. The other is grasping the trends that are dominating the dual sector. Here are some of them.

  • There was a time in India when ayurvedic herbs were eaten commonly. These restorative tonics not only helped the health but also impact longevity. In the past years, their popularity dwindled. This year they are making a splash again and going mainstream. From Ashwagandha to holy basil to turmeric, these supplements are virtually everywhere. Known as adaptogens, they support health in myriads of ways.
  • The consumer of today wants one pitstop where they can find everything. It is why the supermarkets boomed, and e-commerce sites are doing so well. Now the trend is moving towards the wellness industry too. When it comes to taking care of the body, individuals are looking for convenience. They would rather visit a place that offers holistic healing than move from one centre to another for all their needs.
  • Workouts are for more than just the body. The millennial consumer wants to keep their soul in perfect working order too, which is why active meditation has become all the rage. While working on physical fitness, it also enhances the emotional wellbeing of the individual. The emotional, physical, and spiritual self is being taken care of.

A display of various beauty cosmetics products like lipstick, foundation, eye liner, mascara and many more
Three More Trends In Wellness World

  • There has been a surge of apps, devices, and tools that let a person monitor their screen time. The goal is to reduce mindlessly accessing social media. While at times it can be beneficial and even necessary, continually being plugged is counter-productive. To keep the mind healthy, people are becoming aware of how they consume content and how much of it. The objective is to avoid digital distractions as much as possible.
  • The last trend in wellness is the return to a simpler world. For some time now, people have been obsessed with bio-hacking their health. They are now moving towards a simpler time where they enter the rewilding stage. This phase is all about getting in touch with the natural human state. They move, rest, and eat according to circadian rhythm and not when fitness monitors and apps tell them.

The logic is that everybody knows how to take care of itself, instinctively. There is no need for experts, fitness pandits, or technology to tell us how to do it, which is why there has been an emergence of organic communities of healing!

Human Hand Pointing Out The Highly Scalable Device with Variety of POS Features

How POS Software Helps in Developing Small Scale Business

What Is Meant By POS Software

POS known as the Point of Scale is promoting business with substantial pliability, control, and surveillance. It is a process for the retailers to control and direct the checkout operations. Businesses have passed the stage from cash payments and traditional credit cards to iPads and cloud-based or mobile POS system. It performs as the channel that strengthens the connection between you and your customers. This move in technology will provide small scale business with extra features and will authorize it to keep all the transactions and reports in a single place. Here – https://www.softwareadvice.com/resources/what-is-a-point-of-sale-system/ – deep insights about the POS Syatem.

Tips To Select POS Software For Your Business

To accomplish this connection, one must find POS software that yields a coalition of features that may require a budget and calibration that is practical for your organization. The following are the listings of the features and the factors that are dominant for small scale business to contemplate when selecting a POS system.

Mobile printer and pay terminal on a cash box at a counter in regular retail shop

  • Hardware, software, and cloud-based systems – There are some POS systems that can work on any hardware systems, but there are also few which require their own staunch peripherals to perform. They range from flexible and small like the credit card readers that are plugged in the phone to the full-service workstation. So before buying or leasing hardware from the vendor, one must consider the type of hardware that is needed to run the POS.

There are many kinds of POS software platform and the most attractive one is the cloud-based platform. They are very simple, accessible from anywhere, comprehensive subscription cost and also can be upgraded with little interval. But the vendor keeps holds of the software’s ownership and cloud-based systems are not a good option in companies with poor internet access.

  • Pricing structure – The modern POS cloud-based systems preferable for the small scale business comes with a subscription monthly pricing plan. These plans help you in planning your budget when your pocket is tight. When you appraise your POS platform options, don’t forget to probe as what each subscription plan covers which includes hardware, customizable updates and features, service plans and more. Also, be conscious that some of the vendors entail you to sign a contract for a specific period of time.
  • Catalogue management – Many of the POS systems that are high in quality includes inventory/catalogue management. They are trained to handle an extensive array of SKUs and imparts advanced catalogue management quality. A detailed understanding is a must when shopping for technical business solutions. By calculating the number of SKUs, your system can handle and buy accordingly.
  • Modified user profiles and permissions – Different employs may need distinctive access and rights to particular features. So make sure to focus on a solution that assists modified user profiles. POS that is advanced in technology offers great options for integrating user profiles for groups or individuals. Certain positions are given like the ability to run, edit or run specific reports and also allow supervising access to timecard and scheduling features that are inbuilt in the platform.
  • Management of customer relationship – The first position employees should have easy access and update the details of the customer’s account. The POS system has a CRM function that helps to identify loyal customers. Make sure to focus on the POS platform that has CRM tools, so that the employees can edit and view the customer profiles during the interaction sessions without the need to use a separate system.

3d Rendering point of sale system for store management

  • Online store and other systems integration – There are many small businesses that start as an online and slowly shift to brick-and-mortar or conversely. Most of the service or the retail companies work with omnichannel or multichannel strategies immediately after launching. No matter which route you opt, POS solution with online store integration is a must which saves from functioning separate inventory platforms.
  • Third-party payment processors – The third-party payment processors may affect the payment options for the customers and yours too. Few POS vendors may want you to use their selected credit card processing system. But there are also others who give the freedom to use their own payment method. So make sure to think about yours and your customer needs to have flexibility in your business.
  • Data management – POS system is the powerful and perfect data management tool. The data that is gathered from the POS solution helps to optimize inventory management, product recommendations, improvement of customer profiles, enhance strategies for email marketing, upgrade innovative products and many more.
An Image saying choosing the perfect business event venue.

The Only Checklist You Need For Choosing A Venue For A Business Event

Party And Banquet Halls Are Just The Tip Of Venues

Even before the audience steps inside a venue, the mood and the tone of the event is set. How? The reputation of the banquet hall and the geographical location of the party venue will convey a meaning to the guest. How they experience the actual event is based on this impression. Add to it the practical decisions that need to be factored in a while choosing a venue for a business event. From seating capacity to the food to the service of the employees, everything has to be taken into account. Know More here about choosing the right venue to hold an event.

All in all, the decision of picking a venue is not simple. To that end, here is a simple checklist of questions that you should answer to find your perfect location for your business event.

• What’s the target audience like?
Even before you make the first draft of party and banquet halls, calculate the number of people who are to be invited and what they are. This will ensure that the venues you shortlist can accommodate all of them and is the ideal fit for them. There is no use selecting a place that can fit only a hundred guests when the invitee list is 200 long. The vice versa is also true. No event is a success when it seems too empty.

A woman smiling and wonderingThink Of The Location Next

Now that you’ve got a fair idea of the number of people attending the venue and what their tastes and preferences are, the next step is to think of the location. Consider these questions:

  • Where are the majority of your audience located?
  • What site is going to suit them the best? Here, bear in mind that proximity may not be the best solution. Sometimes people love to attend an event that is far away from their home or office because the experience is unusual.

If the budget allows it, think of remote sites such as a resort. It guarantees the complete attention of every attendee. If the budget is not that big, why not pick a lavish banquet hall in the city but rarely thought of?

  • How convenient is it for the guests to reach it? A venue that is connected to the airport or the main road of the town is always a better pick than one that is inaccessible. It is a matter of transportation more than the factor of proximity.

The size of the venue, the location of the site, and the connectivity of the venue are the three crucial parts of the checklist. Next on the agenda is the amenities it provides for the physical comfort of the guests.

A man planning for an event venue with his paper drawings and mobile

How Well Equipped Is The Venue For That Particular Event?

While the necessary facilities will be needed for any event, there are some functions that require more amenities. For example, a corporate meeting will demand a conference room with a projector technology. On the other hand, an engagement party will need a DJ station and music system. Therefore, ask these questions while considering a venue:

  • As per the season, does it provide heating and cooling?
  • Will there be easy access for pedestrians, is there parking, are there lifts to rooms?
  • Can they cater for the number of guests?
  • What other amenities do they have?

The easiest way to get the answer to all these critical questions is to experience the venue. Go to the location and:

  • Ask for photos of a similar event they have hosted in the past. This will give you an idea of the décor, layout, and experience.
  • Ask for the names and details of previous clients for a reference check.
  • Speak to the staff and judge how friendly they were. Find out the number of servers there will be for the event. You don’t want just 5 staff people in an event for 100.

Finally, check what parts of the event venue will take care of are, for example, the food, the décor, the setup, the clean-up, etc. A place that does it all will always be the better option.

Indian Women In Indian Politics – A Review

The DMK MP Kanimozhi, Kalaignar TV Managing Director, Mr Sharad Kumar,and Kanimozhi's husband G aravindan (right)

There are quite a few women who have made a name for themselves in the Indian political scene. Politics has been a man’s world for long in India and having the will to stand up against such a bastion, itself is praiseworthy. It must be said that some of them have taken the fight to the men and have even succeeded in beating them in their own game.
Some of these women have been under the wings of some strong political strongholds, and some have grown from the grassroots. Either way, these women have inspired a whole new generation of young women in India, making the younger brood believe that they can carve a niche for themselves in the male-dominated political setting.
Sonia Gandhi:
Being born an Italian, Sonia Gandhi has been more popular in her adopted country, India. Having married the first son of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, her political entry wasn’t predicted until the demise of her late husband, Rajiv Gandhi. Though she has been in the most influential position to command the most popular party post-independence in India the Congress I, she hadn’t held a position of significant importance as an elected member. Her duty to the adopted country was well received when she named a senior veteran in Dr.Manmohan Singh for prime minister when she could have taken the chair herself. Her bold face post the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and her ability to lead such a big party has her in good stead among women of the country.
Sushma Swaraj:
Being a member of the BJP and the first women Chief Minister of Delhi, Sushma Swaraj has carved a name for herself. As a former Supreme Court lawyer, Ms.Swaraj has quite a reputation for being successful in her black robe. She is the second Indian women to become the External Affairs Minister of Indira Gandhi. As the current external affairs minister, she has taken some bold steps in external affair policies of the country. In situations that demanded immediate action, Sushma Swaraj hasn’t hesitated in taking crucial decisions saving the lives of many an Indian living abroad. Wall Street Journal has named her as the Best-loved politician in India.
Kanimozhi Karunanidhi
Kanimozhi, the daughter of the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, is a poet, journalist and a politician all enrolled into one. Being the daughter of the DMK’s premier, Kanimozhi has inherited his literary skills as much as the political supremacy that her father possesses. She has often been quoted as the literary heir of the leader. She was active as a journalist and was a steady contributor to a Singapore based Tamil daily called Tamil Murasu. Her vested interest in Tamil brought her close to her now husband and pillar of strength G.Aravindaan. Kanimozhi conceived the idea of the Chennai Sangammam which had given a helping hand for the folk tradition of Tamil Nadu. This Tamil cultural festival is usually held during the Pongal Season. Kanimozhi is the sitting member of the upper house of Parliament and has voiced concerns for Tamil and Tamil culture across the lengths and breaths of the country.