Some factors which cause premature ageing

It is all in the mind

The way we think plays an important role in making us age faster or slower. The mind can play games with us and can be used to decelerate or accelerate the process. The people who are happy are the younger looking people. The more you stay positive, hopeful and optimistic your face will appear younger. Happy people have a longer lifespan and stay away from health problems like hypertension and heart disease. Being in a constant state of anger and distress is of a responsible for forming wrinkles and fine lines on the face. The constant scowling and frowning is capable of turning into wrinkles, which are formed by muscle memory. If you notice, you will not see wrinkled eyebrows and frown marks on a happy face because these muscles are usually in a relaxed state.

Take control of your habits

If possible steer clear from smoking and drinking. Excess of these habits are not good. They can cause health problems and take away the necessary nutrients that our body needs. Smokers and drinkers are prone to discolouration of skin what is visible all over the place. The skin needs adequate amount of collagen, elastin, hydration and oxygen to look younger and healthy.

Over time smokers develop wrinkles and fine lines and are likely to develop bad teeth too. Excessive drinking can also cause permanent damage to the body. Drinkers suffer from poor muscle tone, small spider veins and broken blood vessels.

Nature can take its course

Sun damage can accelerate the ageing process. In fact it is one of the primary causes for wrinkles and permanently damaged skin. The harmful UV rays from the sun cause age spots and discolouration of the skin. One should spend only 20 minutes in the sun to benefit from Vitamin D. any time spent more than this can cause damage to the skin. Similarly spending a night of time in cold climates can also have a similar effect. The skin tends to become too thin and wrinkly. A moisturising routine can help combat these effects on the ageing process.

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