Is zinc the cure for the common cold?

Solution Zinc ions are useful

The common cold is a very uncomfortable condition and people are always looking for solutions which can help. While the metal zinc is not of any use, the solution zinc ions are very powerful. A single atom of zinc with its 2+ electrical charge is soluble in water. When the atom combines with 4 to 8 molecules of water it forms a solution zinc iron, which carries a 2+ charge. It is seen that it is powerful and can be used to treat upper respiratory tract infections. Cold is an infection of the nasal cavity. Rhinovirus is considered to be one of the causes of the common cold.

Sprays or Lozenges

In 1974 it was found that Zn2+ ions were anti-rhinoviral. It has also been shown that Zn2+ ions trigger T-cell lymphocytes to release huge amounts of a powerful anti-viral agent. The Zn2+ ions help in treating common cold through their anti-inflammatory activities. They destroy histamine, stabilise cell plasma membrane by preventing a running nose and congestion and stimulate T-cell lymphocytes.

Nasal sprays, which release Zn2+ irons, have been used for more than hundred years as a gentle nasal decongestant but has had no role in reducing the duration or curing the cold. Instead Zn2+ ions, which are released directly in the mouth, have shown to reduce the duration of common colds as they get soaked into tissues through the mouth nose biologically closed electric circuit. In studies that were conducted it was found that lozenges made of zinc gluconate, which released Zn2+ ions at 5 to 8 milligrams concentration when kept in touch with the oral mucosa for approximately half an hour and used around nine times in a day reduced the symptoms of common cold by nearly a week.

ZIA 50 zinc acetate lozenges are the only ones that have a ‘Cure for the Common Cold’ patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office

Lets choose to stay away from the common Cold while we can

Regular good nutrition can help build an immune system, which is strong and is ever ready to ward off the common cold.

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