The Art of Creating the Perfect Visual Display

With the growing number of different stores and mall around every corner, it has become more important to use more creative tactics to pull customer into your store. Most key sale metrics are measured using sales per square footage which is the average revenue generated by a retail business for every square foot of sales space. This helps to compare the sales prices of different stores irrespective of their size. Each store owner looks for ways to display their wares in a more appealing manner to bring in more potential customers. For example pallet rack manufacturers would prefer their wares be displayed on the best quality racks to entice the customer into buying them.

The retail space in a store has to be used in the most efficient and productive manner to display your merchandise. Sales staff also performs better when the merchandise are arranged in a more eye appealing manner with an underlying organization skill. Some tips to create a better display in the store can be found at .

Visual displays might seem to be made up of only creativity, but it is also a science and has to be executed perfectly. A window display has the opportunity for creating the first impression in the customer’s mind about the store and has to appeal to them.

Creating an effective merchandise display include catching a customer’s attention in addition to getting them to make a purchase as well. As you start out to create the display, keep the target customer in mind. You have to be aware of the target customer’s demographic like age, income, education level and so on. You also have to be aware of the lifestyle they are leading. This way, when you are creating the display; the information can be used and incorporated into the display thereby inducing the customer to make a purchase. At the end of the day instead of targeting solely the customer, you are actually targeting their lifestyle.

The secret to having a display that entrances a customer is to create a display which entrances more than just the visual sensory of the customer. Providing the customer with a multisensory experience is known as sensory branding in the retail industry. Here is a simple outline as to how it is done:

A never ending array of visual cues is placed around the store by using colours as well as the right lighting. The symmetry, balance focus and contrast features of the displays also indirectly influence the customer to continue browsing through the store before making a purchase.

A mellow music track playing on the track can help slow people down causing them to spend more time browsing. If you are targeting teenagers, playing the current Top 40 hits will make your store appealing to them.

Smell actually connects both emotion and memory, thereby using scent marketing can induce customers to choose one brand over another due to triggers caused by the smell.

This works exceptionally well while selling consumables. Offering your customers a bite-size sample is often enough to make them fall hook and sinker for your product.

Once the display is created, you will be able to see for yourself how the sales increase through the way the products are displayed.

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